2019 Seeking Business Idea

Let me introduce myself. My name is Oleh. I’m from Ukraine, 29 years old and an experienced mobile developer. I studied electronics at the university. In this article, I briefly consider possible directions in the business sphere from an engineering point of view. I divided all business sphere into the next segments: classic business, service provision, outsourcing, startup, investments and content generation.

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Top-10 Russian-Language IT Podcasts

Let me introduce the list of the most valuable Russian-language IT podcasts. I believe you already know all of them. If not, please don’t miss a chance to listen to at least one episode. I guarantee you’ll find a lot of interesting thoughts and topics here. You can start with deep immersing into the high-tech details and finish with career growth or normal life aspects. Personally, I listen to every new record while I do some routine tasks.

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